Our program provides the most operationally relevant training  at the best price in the industry. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and PBDK9 provides ongoing support after the sale and training. Clients also benefit from training delivered from an expert in the field who instructs with direct operational knowledge of how to properly deploy teams in the client’s operational environment.

Training Seminar

Further your program with a training seminar that will provide your teams with new ideas and problem- solving techniques. This seminar is conducted at the client site with most of the class being hands on. The seminar covers methods for increasing Olfactory IQ and developing a commitment to trained odor that exceeds a canine’s obedience towards the handler. Enhance your existing program by calling to discuss options.

Trainers Course

This course is offered in conjunction with handler courses to provide the prospective trainer with the opportunity to shadow a trainer, learn various training methods and problem-solving techniques all while training a provided canine. The handler will experience canine selection, discuss handler selection, imprinting, handler techniques, building search techniques, vehicle search techniques, open area searches, luggage searches and mass transit searches. The Person-Borne Detection Trainers Course requires more time and is more demanding. Call to discuss tailored options that will meet your needs.

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