Person-Borne Explosive Detection

Person-Borne Explosive Detection is the most effective and versatile method for scanning large crowds without inhibiting crowd flow. Whether you are looking for new teams or if you are interested in transitioning existing assets, you should have the best and most experienced trainer in the business. Call to discuss options in advancing your program. If you are considering cross training existing teams you should understand that every canine will not be capable of cross training and an evaluation would be required to assess a canine’s ability to be cross trained.

Person-Borne Firearms Detection

With the rise in the number of school shootings across the United States the owner of Person-Borne Detection K9 began working on a canine capability to address this issue over 8 years ago. What was discovered was that the canine’s ability to identify persons carrying firearms on or about themselves could be done with a high probability of detection. The Person-Borne Firearms Detection Dog program is the most affordable, versatile, and reliable tool on the market to address firearms illegally entering restricted areas. This is absolutely an effective means by which to deter or detect firearms illegally brought on to school campuses across America.

This unique capability has proven very successful in the public-school systems. Whether it is gang violence, combating bullying, showing off or suicide by students, when properly deployed school districts have shown significant decreases in firearms discovered on school campuses and at school events. This program was developed to deter and detect firearms on school grounds. Call to discuss options. There are additional aspects of this capability that encompass a more complete solution.

Call for more information and to discuss the entire capability and its implementation.

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