PBDK9 offers an affordable and efficient tool for firearms detection.

Many of our clients have benefited from canine detection of firearms located on sites where they are prohibited. The canine detection teams can be readily utilized to detect and deter firearms in any building, enclosed, or open space required. PBDK9 is especially dedicated to the safety of America’s schools.

With the increased prevalence of firearms being taken into our nation’s schools, it is imperative to plan proactive measures to mitigate the harm intended by the person with a firearm; whether it’s the potential active shooter, gang violence, firearms used to combat bullying and even suicides by students on campus. Firearms detection canines trained by PBDK-9 have a high success rate in identifying firearms in a school environment by scanning the air surrounding persons that pass by. Canines are never used to search students. The canines are not deterred by distractions of sight, noise, or smells; but wholly hone in on the target to locate and alert the handler. This is accomplished expeditiously and with little to no interruption to the school environment and operations. The use of the canines does not inhibit flow of traffic into the schools or other facilities.

Previous school administrators and school resource officers alike have also noted that even the periodic presence of the firearms detection canine team also added another component in creating more of a bond between students from all backgrounds and law enforcement officers, as a number of students have pets this created a commonality between the students and handler prompting productive conversations.

Detection Canines are also being used at High School sports events. Our canines have the capability to scan large groups of people with a high detection rate. Another bonus is that the presence of our canines serve as a deterrence to those intending to do harm or conducting illicit activities.

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